Why Choose A Dumbwaiter?

Dumbwaiters from Sheridan Lifts provide convenience, safety, and flexibility, and our ranges can transport an array of materials – but then so can others. So why should you choose a dumbwaiter from Sheridan Lifts?

Efficiency: With our dumbwaiters, staff can move important items such as documents, boxes, and food without having to leave a floor, or their work station. We know time is important to your business, so dumbwaiters cut down on wasted time that would occur if employees had to hand deliver materials to other departments. You can also avoid the cluttering of passenger elevators.

Safety: Lifting and carrying poses potential risks of injury. Injuries from bending over and traversing staircases with heavy items can all be avoided with the use of a dumbwaiter. Some businesses can reduce the use of ladders and forklifts as well.

Flexibility: Dumbwaiters have a variety of drive mechanisms, guide rail types and control circuitry to allow custom operations and systems to interface with special needs, security or material flow requirements.

Customisation: Our dumbwaiters are made to the individuals specifications with a variety of special features to choose from. We can fit the unique need of client’s projects such as automatic doors, supporting tower structures, sterile/clean room options and automatic loading and unloading of materials and carts.

Durability: A properly installed and well-maintained dumbwaiter will last as long as the building itself. Regular inspections and evolving modernisations mean that your systems will exceed other elevator systems for longevity.

Health Features: Dumbwaiter constructions of stainless steel can be easily sanitised and cleaned. An important function of dumbwaiters is the ability to transport hazardous and contaminated materials between floors without exposure to unsuitable public areas such as passenger lifts.

Welfare: Employees feel free to do their jobs in clean, efficient environments thanks to dumbwaiters. The customisability of the systems means they can even enhance the design and décor of your building while increasing the efficiency of your operations.