Why Use Dumbwaiters In The Home?

The history of the dumbwaiter can be traced back to the household of the rich and fortunate who hired servants in order to prepare and serve their food. They used dumbwaiters stationed in the kitchen to deliver the food around the household so that the staff didn’t have to leave the basements. As time went on however the size of houses became smaller which meant that the dumbwaiter became an unnecessary expense. With this said, it seems like the trusty kitchen installation is making a comeback like never before. Read on to find out more…

The Benefits

Dumbwaiters are an incredible piece of technology that can make the running of a household much easier, regardless of its size. After all, the average home in 2018 spans over three floors and with this number increasing every year it only makes sense to have a piece of technology installed that will save time and energy. For smaller homes, however, dumbwaiters can help the disabled regain their independence without having to rely on outside help.

In addition to this, dumbwaiters may be known for their use within the food industry however they can also be used for a variety of different reasons too. From taking the laundry down to the washroom to saving your back the trouble of carrying heavy boxes from the ground floor to the top floor; a dumbwaiter helps you cut corners and make day to day living in a large home much simpler.

An Investment

With this said many people tend to overlook the benefits of a dumbwaiter in favour of scrutinising the cost, failing to understand that the installation should be seen as an investment for the future. After all, a well-maintained dumbwaiter can last anywhere between 10 and 30 years which means that overtime the investment will more than pay off. Plus, a dumbwaiter can also provide a unique selling point if you ever decide to sell your home the future!

Here at Sheridan Lifts we recognise that there is an opening on the market for residential dumbwaiters. After all homes are starting to increase in size once again and whilst we aren’t exactly hiring kitchen staff yet, the benefits that a dumbwaiter can provide are hard to ignore. To find out more information about our range of dumbwaiters, get in contact with a member of the Sheridan Lifts team today!