Why You Should Have A Dumbwaiter Installed By A Certified Engineer

Although dumbwaiters seem like simple systems, there are actually a lot of dangers that come with any electrical machine, especially if it is used to transport heavy loads.

There are a number of cases each year from around the world of people being injured, or even killed by dumbwaiters. Sometimes these cases are from improper use of the dumbwaiter, but sometimes they occur from faulty devices that are incorrectly installed.

It is tempting for businesses – small businesses especially – to try and save money where they can. Although dumbwaiter systems are as affordable as ever; to new businesses, they can be a costly addition that they may try and circumvent by having one installed by a non-certified engineer.

Dumbwaiter systems that are installed illegally don’t have the right safety systems built in to keep users safe. Dumbwaiter lifts installers go through extensive training and are constantly kept up-to-date with current safety trends, safety modifications, and are involved in the ongoing servicing and maintenance of the installed dumbwaiter to check that everything is running smoothly, and that no faults are occurring.

Some small businesses have dumbwaiters installed by non-professionals that are visible to customers. This not only puts members of staff in danger when they come to use the machine, it also places their customers in danger if they are in the vicinity of the dangerous dumbwaiter system.

The UK applies strict regulations to any dumbwaiter system installed in a commercial property, and if the dumbwaiter doesn’t meet regulations then harsh fines and further punishments may be exacted on the business owner. If you are thinking of installing a dumbwaiter on your premises, then make sure you have it designed, specified and installed by a certified dumbwaiter company to ensure it fits regulations, and isn’t a danger to you and others.