Why Your Restaurant Needs a Dumbwaiter

The service lift is a type of elevator that helps improve the day to day duties of those who work in the service industry. They are relatively small in size because they are not meant for people however they are able to carry impressive amounts of weight. The dumbwaiter is a restaurant essential and the team here at Sheridan Lifts have put together this blog on the topic. Read on to find out how your restaurant could benefit from a dumbwaiter…


The dumbwaiter is a service lift that can really improve the productivity of employees, especially when it comes to the restaurant industry. After all, staff will spend a lot of time trying to prevent spills and cross-contamination, especially when the kitchen is located down a flight of stairs, and a dumbwaiter can provide an efficient and safe way to transport orders directly onto the restaurant floor.

Health and Safety

Carrying heavy trays of food all day runs the risk of a serious injury, particularly if an accident involves a flight of stairs. In fact, the simple act of carrying and lifting can put strain on the back and shoulders. This means that the installation of a dumbwaiter can help ensure that health and safety regulations are abided by and that staff are looked after at all times.


Although the upfront cost of a dumbwaiter may look expensive, over time the machinery will actually pay itself off. This is because the service lift comes with a decade long guarantee, provided that it is regularly maintained, and with the amount of times that they are used within a restaurant on a day to day basis, common sense suggests that they a cost-effective investment that will pay themselves off very quickly.

There is nothing worse than dealing with smashed plates and a low-morale from employees because their working conditions are not as efficient as they could potentially be with the installation of a dumbwaiter. From preventing cross-contamination to improving the productivity of staff, our range of dumbwaiters here at Sheridan Lifts are certain to have your restaurant running smoother than ever. Get in contact to find out more information today!