You can lead ducks to water but you can’t lead them out of a lift…

What do you do when you’re dreading a big game? Get stuck in your team hotel’s lift of course! That’s what happened to an American Football team in Oregon before a game with Colorado. Of course, we don’t think they intentionally wanted to get stuck in a lift and in fact, they did go on to win the game so maybe this could be a new pre-match ritual for luck? We bet Manchester United wished they’d got stuck in a lift and missed the thrashing they got from Arsenal on Sunday….

Luckily, the Ducks managed to be freed from the lift with the help of the local fire department – we bet it was a tight squeeze in that lift with the size of those quarterbacks! Incidents like these happen from time to time but you can drastically reduce the number of lift break downs or stoppages by ensuring regular lift maintenance is carried out.

Thorough and routine lift maintenance by a reputable lift company such as us can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Regular lift maintenance means you can catch any problems early enough to protect your lift from failures or breakdowns. This means your lift will be up and running for longer and the downtime for repairs will be insignificant.

Routine lift maintenance can also give you an advance warning of when a lift modernisation or refurbishment will be due, giving you more time to plan for it and work out how much everything is going to cost. For more information on our lift maintenance services please contact Sheridan Lifts today.