“You’ll never win anything with kids!”

Alan Hansen, TV pundit – 19.08.1995

Alan Hansen famously made the statement “you’ll never win anything with kids”, well it was soon very clear to the whole world that this was not only a ridiculous, sweeping statement but was rather famously shown as being far from the truth!

Manchester-based lift specialists, Sheridan Lifts are pleased to announce the opening of “The Sheridan Academy” which has been designed and setup as the company embark on a large-scale expansion phase.

The Sheridan Academy will focus on developing and improving standards throughout the lift industry, by allowing its younger staff members to benefit from the experience that this company of 33 years has developed over its well-established trading history.

Sheridan Lifts are your local, national lift company, with divisions for all aspects of lifts – from lift maintenance to repair, to installations and beyond.

The first members of The Sheridan Academy have commenced employment with Sheridan Lifts, and we look forward to updating you all of how they are progressing.

More details will be released in due course, however, everybody at Sheridan Lifts is very excited by this development, and Commercial Director, Anthony Sheridan had this to say:

“It was earlier this year when an important light bulb turned on in my mind when a thought and method ran through my head that I just could not let go or ignore. If we take look at the way of the modern world and success stories we hear on a daily basis, there is a common theory and pattern which I totally believe in as I reflect and look at my own life and use this as an example:

I was reading a book by an inspirational figure given to me by father, but as much as I don’t share even a small modicum of the success as the author, I thought I was reading a book about myself.

His train of thought, mannerisms, ambitions, pure unadulterated passion and belief, his drive for success, hunger for achievement and the way that his brain and mind ticked on a daily basis. This is quite painful and embarrassing to write as I don’t want it to be perceived the wrong way. I read a quote in the book and again I just could not ignore:

“My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them…from the perspective of wanting to live life to the full, I felt that I had to attempt it.” Sir Richard Branson

The Sheridan family began from humble beginnings, having been born and bred from the local Council estates and for us to be where we are today has totally exceeded all expectations from outer circles, however, the collective vision of our family and the loyal team we employ, has never left a doubt in my own mind.

This year we have carried out a detailed look at our business model and restructured and revitalised it from the top to bottom, taking all of the experience that’s been passed down through generations. We have invested in industry experts and have added youth, hunger, passion, charisma and hard working young people.

We have not only employed very good experienced people but we have brought on board young guys with all of the above qualities except “experience” it was then we took the decision to launch “our” new wave of “experts”, which is a decision that we believe that will help us to not only maintain our position as a market-leading business, but to improve each year, and grow organically with our future managers from The Sheridan Academy at the forefront of business for many years to come. We want to train our own people, and utilise a blend of traditional skills and experience gained from our 33 years existence, mixed with the exciting new technologies of today.

I personally have a passion to build not only a profitable business but to build a business with a “quality product” with a reputation which is genuinely “unrivalled” and not just a turn of phrase used in a sales flyer! Together we will build a business that will make my Grand Father look down on us and be very proud of what he kick started all those years ago. With everybody at Sheridan Lifts sharing the same energy and enthusiasm, we all know that this kind of attitude and energy is contagious and helps people around you kick on with their own goals and objectives. We may not be perfect, but any customer using our business has the 100% guarantee that we will always endeavour to improve further on. The message from this newsletter is one of a business that is taking the necessary steps to grow rapidly as a national force, but by maintaining traditional values and ethics. Any client is assured of Director level contact at any stage, be that from a stair lift user through to the higher echelons of the lift industry.

The Sheridan Academy will allow all our new young people the opportunity to enhance their own personal skills and pursue their own career targets and ambitions in life. We believe that our kids are our future and we are bucking the trend that the national media portrays by not only providing meaningful employment, but by giving our future managers the chance to prove their own existence and worth to the business.

Just to name a few of the recent successful stories of the younger people in the world, there is a common pattern which you can see below:

• Sebastian Vettal:
The world’s youngest ever Formula 1 racing driver, The youngest ever world champion to win back to back, Breaking the great man and legend Nigel Mansells record at the age of 21

• Wayne Rooney :
The youngest ever player to score for England aged just 17

• Mike Tyson:
The youngest ever heavy weight boxing world champion

• Tiger Woods:
The youngest ever Major winner behind the great Jack Nicklaus

• Sir Richard Branson:
First became an established business man at the mere age of 16, now he is one of the most influential people on the planet