Hayden Court & Sheridan Court

We are pleased to say we have completed the lift upgrade in Monsall and Newton Heath’s residential tower blocks, Hayden Court and Sheridan Court.

Residents were invited to add a personal touch to their new lifts by voting in a poll on the choice of the colour of their lifts. True to their Mancunian pride the residents decided to represent Manchester by choosing Red and Blue symbolising both the cities’ football teams, Manchester United and Manchester City.

The modernisation saw a significant upgrade and safety addition to the existing lifts enables:

  • A more efficient flow of people, resulting in lower energy consumption
  • Longer lift life
  • Improving fire integrity of lift shaft making for a safer lift solution

Manchester Skyline

Fire Rating under EN Regulations

Always compliant with fire rating under EN regulations we have replaced the complete entrance and surrounds as one operation and as part of a complete and tested package. This involves intense sophisticated design and coordination in order to interface with the fabrication of the existing building.

What the upgrade means for residents

80% of the works consisted of upgrade and replacement of complete entrances – meaning that Northwards Housing residents can now catch a lift more frequently, on every floor!

Vigorous design and logistic exercise means we ensure the utmost safety of the people living in the tower blocks while we work. Sheridan also understands the need for residents’ access and our designs make ensure no one was disrupted throughout the upgrade.

Of course, the colour poll even allowed residents to put their own personal touch to the colour of the lifts where they live and have their say!

Hayden Court (red) and Sheridan Court’s (blue)  lifts are complete with cream floor and finishing touches in stainless steel. The next phase of the lift upgrade is expected to see landing indicators installed later this year.

The project has been completed four days ahead of schedule so we were able to hand the lifts back in ample time allowing residents to get using their speedy new lifts as soon as possible!

To find out the benefits of lift upgrade, modernisation and installation please contact our team today! Tender packages are available and our knowledgeable and professional team will give you a speedy quote completely free of charge!