Manchester North General Hospital have chosen Sheridan Lifts to carry out the recent lift installation for the Hospital’s brand new Intermediate Care Unit situated in Crumpsall.

The Intermediate Care Unit is designed as a small community to rehabilitate patients well enough to be discharged from the hospital and nurture their integration back into the community.

We assisted the hospital by installing a two-stop bed lift compliant with the latest editions of the government’s HBN and HTM regulations (healthcare standard) to allow safe and comfortable transport for patients with enough space for beds and associated ancillary equipment to access both levels of the ICU.

The ICU is a part of the Community Assessment Support Service (CASS) which is a network for integrated health and social care meaning that patients can gain referral and access to the help they need. One of the main benefits of the ICU for the NHS is that it reduces the issue of bed blocking allowing treatment for new patients while still caring for those who need it.

North Manchester General NHS

Prof Matt Makin, Medical Director at The Pennine Acute Trust, said “Our unit will be low-rise in design and have a welcoming homely feel for patients with a sunken communal garden and a mock apartment to help patients adjust to home life again.”

Sheridan’s 33 person lift will improve access within the building for patients as well as families, carers and staff. Our lift has been tested and commissioned and it is now up and running helping within the hospital. We wish the Integrated Care Unit and its patients all the very best and look forward to a strong, ongoing relationship.

If you would like to enquire about accessibility in hospitals, residential care homes, or any other healthcare establishment rest assured that Sheridan are always compliant with the Government’s Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) and Health Building Notes (HBN).

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