Sheridan Lifts are delighted to be part of a historic conservation project that will see the return of several ancient monolith stones to their spiritual home of Calderstones Park in Liverpool.

Here, the stones will be installed within a new purpose-built heritage facility located at the park and will be available for the public to view, seven days a week once the centre opens later this summer. This new centre forms part of an overall refurbishment programme which will see the existing Mansion House brought back to life.

The stones are around 5000 years old and date back to a similar period to Stonehenge, providing evidence of the earliest known permanent settlement within the region. The project has been part-funded by a National Lottery Heritage fund grant of just under £1.9m.

The stones were once part of a tomb and this will be re-created in their new layout within the refurbished Mansion House, where they will be protected from the elements. Back in 1845 they were arranged in a stone circle by then estate owner Joseph Need Walker and were moved some 100 years later from the park’s entrance on Menlove Avenue. Ten years later they were placed within the Harthill Vestibule Greenhouse which accelerated their deterioration due to temperate and humidity changes.


Now fully restored following specialist conservation work in London, they have been re-installed by conservation experts Orbis Construction with full permission and oversight by Historic England and Scheduled Ancient Monument Consent.

Commenting on the project, The Reader’s Calderstones and Heritage Manager George Hawkins said “We’re thrilled to welcome the Calder Stones back home and we can’t wait for our visitors to see them in all their glory. The Calder Stones have brought people together through the ages and we’re excited to be able to share their story and protect them for future generations”

But where do Sheridan Lifts fit into all this?

Sheridan Lifts are installing an MRL 4-stop passenger list within the Mansion House as well as a one-stop disabled step lift and a 2 stop goods lift. We were appointed by our client John Turner Construction who are the appointed contractor for the works on site.

Once re-opened the Mansion House and visitors centre will be a superb attraction for the whole family; showcasing the stones within their own temperate controlled environment as well as providing details of their history and conservation.

There will also be learning initiatives, a café and a fun area for younger visitors.