The festive period is always a busy time for our engineers.

Whilst our head office itself may be closed, many of the businesses we look after are 100% reliant on their lifts for business-critical production purposes.

As such, we can never rest on our laurels and our engineers are on call up and down the country to ensure that any issues or emergencies can be addressed with our fast and reactive lift maintenance service if we are needed on site.

This year, one of our key clients entered the third year of offering their Black Friday deals. The first year saw them offering deals over a 3 day period, last year they ran their offers for 11 days, and this year their Black Friday deals ran for 21 days.

For this period, they stipulated the importance that all their lifts needed to be fully functional in order to deal with the high demand this would generate. Not to mention facilitating first-class service to customers where product orders were shipped in a timely fashion after the order date.

As a response to that, we offered them a 30-minute call out wait time should any of the lifts encounter problems.


Today our Service Manager Hayley Connelly received an email from our client’s Engineering Manager which read:

“The peak weeks were as expected – the busiest ever experienced by our company on the current fulfilment sites. There were records broken continually as the peak trading weeks unfolded – and as expected this brought lots of challenges. We entered the period with the lifts in as good a condition as the Sheridan team could achieve (especially considering the age of the lifts).

I have no hesitation in saying that the Sheridan team worked diligently to ensure that minimum disruption was experienced in relation to our lifts. From ensuring availability of spares required and speedy response to all breakdowns – coupled with ensuring that the administration side (dispatching of engineers, cost controls etc.) – all went towards a VERY successful peak time for our business.

Please pass my thanks on to the Sheridan team and in particular to Hayley”

We are delighted to continue our great working relationship with this client (incidentally, this was the same client that we carried out a lift modernisation project for last year) and wish them further success in 2020, including what will hopefully be another record-breaking Black Friday peak!