Sheridan Lifts have been working on a highly prestigious and challenging project in central London for our client, ISG.

Working on this multi lift site, when fully completed there will be two 20kg, high specification ‘Smart’ Service Lifts with power control pulley tables, a custom step lift and a bespoke 10-person passenger lift.

All projects undertaken in the capital have huge logistical challenges to take into consideration. The location and size of this specific site exacerbated significantly the access and egress of materials, Sheridan Lifts Ltd associated personnel and of course, the equipment.


Sites in Central London are rarely easy to access

So how did we get around this?

Our Projects Manager Jeremy Walton elaborates:

“Primarily with our now tried and tested teamwork ethic. Sheridan Lifts alongside the ISG team on-site planned in detail all aspects of this original lift removal, adaption works and eventually the new installation.”

“Owing to the constraints of this site along with the layout of the actual building, none of the materials used for the project could be physically longer than 2.5 metres. This was of course a real challenge for us. There was no room for error in the initial survey stage and the site was a bit of a maze to navigate. The only access from the delivery bay through to the lift shaft was via tight winding corridors”

Located on the former Goldbeaters site the existing passenger lift was redundant and out of service. Sheridan Lifts conducted a structural survey that took into consideration both the 19th and 20th-century building methods, access and installation.

Work began on the removal of this lift in February 2019 and once safely cleared we installed, specifically set out scaffold to suit our specific installation method.

We took delivery of the new lift via an articulated lorry with a team of 6 engineers and the Project Manager. Lift Plans and specific RAMS for this task were required for ISG and Sheridan Lifts admin. This contributed strongly to the efficient delivery and swift commencement of this new lift installation.


So what was so unique about this project?

Upon instruction of the end-user the specifications for this project were extremely high. This lift would employ two of the best trade suppliers in the lift industry: CTV Lifts for the mechanical components and Lester Controls Ltd for the electrical. From a H&S / Installation and logistics perspective, Sheridan Lifts managed all of these aspects.

Although extremely demanding, the installation was on schedule throughout with handover early last week.

The client is delighted with the product and this passenger lift is now fully operational.

In partnership with ISG throughout, Sheridan Lifts have worked with a rich tapestry of professionals throughout this project, including demolition teams, surveyors, procurement, structural engineers, lift engineers, car fit-out teams, flooring personnel and test engineers.


Jeremy goes on to summarise the project:

“From the perspective of both Sheridan Lifts and also me personally, I feel this has been a huge achievement collectively.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of this project. The kit is possibly second to none and without the personalities who have been involved throughout, our end goal could not have been achievable. I look forward to working with our teams and the guys at ISG in the future”