Access lifts

Access lifts is the commonly used broad term covering a host of lift types designed to cater for those with restricted mobility. These can include platform lifts, through floor lifts, hoists, stairlifts and step lifts.

In terms of what Sheridan Lifts can offer, we have several existing large scale housing association contracts where we regularly supply, install and maintain all manner of lifting equipment. We also remove unwanted units that are no longer required by residents.

For any new enquiries, residential or otherwise, we invite you to fill in our contact form below and one of our experienced lift specialists will contact you regarding your requirements.

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Access lift considerations

Equality Act 2010
The Equality Act of 2010 replaced the former Disability Discrimination Act and exists broadly to provide guidance on inequality across different areas of society. In terms of how this affects buildings, many have to undertake a lift refurbishment or perform lift upgrades to comply with current legislation.

Ensuring that your lift is accessible to all is a must if you are offering services to the public and this often means making tweaks to your existing lifts. Some of the lift features that are added during lift upgrades might include floor announcements, tactile and audible push buttons and signals, lift car handrails and accessible intercoms.

Put simply, lifts must adhere to strict health and safety regulations. Failing to comply can at best land you with a hefty fine and at worst, a major accident that could cause serious harm to people.