Accessibility can often be an issue to certain sectors of society, even inside one’s own home. Elderly citizens and those with disabilities are among those most likely to experience mobility and accessibility issues, and the fact that most houses are not designed to account for such impairments can often make life difficult for them.

Fortunately, recent years have seen considerable developments in the field of in-home accessibility for the mobility impaired. Whereas before these men and women would need to brave the challenge of a flight of stairs, or enlist the help of a relative, friend or neighbour to carry them to the upper levels of their home, there’s now a number of alternatives to help.

One of the most popular alternatives are step lifts. As the name indicates, this type of lift is designed to be an alternative to traditional steps, carrying mobility-impaired individuals across a length of between 1m and 3m, depending on the model. They therefore constitute the perfect way of reaching the top floor without strain or assistance.

Sheridan Lifts offers two distinctive models of step lifts, with 1m or 3m ranges. Both boast industry-leading maximum weight capacities of 280kg and 500kg respectively and feature fully integrated control panels and security gates, making them suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether customers opt for the 1m-range Classic model or go for the more expansive 2m and 3m models, they will certainly find Sheridan Lifts’ range of step lifts is the perfect solution for their mobility issues inside the home, and will make moving around the house much easier and more comfortable than before.

To find out more about Sheridan Lifts’ range of step lifts, and what they can do for your mobility issues inside your own home, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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