Accessibility issues are one of the main issues affecting elderly people, as well as those with physical disabilities or otherwise mobility-impaired. For these people, climbing a flight of stairs inside their own home can be a challenge often making everyday life difficult, if not impossible.

Many elderly or disabled individuals therefore end up relying on the kindness and support of friends, family or especially hired professionals to help them with their everyday tasks; however, these people are not always available, and many mobility impaired citizens are therefore left without a solution to the issue of accessibility for a large portion of their days.

Fortunately for these men and women, recent years have yielded a technological advancement which can help solve this issue; namely, domestic lifts. Differing from the common type found in commercial buildings, these lifts are meant for use inside the home, and specifically designed to help make everyday life easier for people with mobility impairments.

One of the most effective and advanced types of domestic lifts available are through floor lifts. As the name indicates, these lifts connect two separate floors via a shaft drilled through the ground-level ceiling and top-level floor. In this manner, mobility-impaired home-owners can bypass and avoid stairs altogether, benefiting from a comfortable, convenient and secure way to go from the ground level to the floor above.

Sheridan Lifts’ model of through floor lift is the most ecologically-friendly available on the market. It operates on an electric motor and pulleys, more efficient than a traditional hydraulic pump system, and is equipped with a series of extra features especially added to ensure the ride is as smooth as possible for the passenger. Overall, these devices are as close as a home-owner will get to having a full-sized lift inside their home, and their level of comfort and functionality leaves little to be desired compared to their larger counterparts!

To find out more about purchasing a through floor lift, or about how it can help with your mobility problems, do not hesitate to get in touch with Sheridan Lifts today!