For forty years, Sheridan Lifts have been providing high quality, reliable lift maintenance and installation services, building up an impressive portfolio and firmly establishing ourselves as the best lift company in the UK.

In recent years we have greatly expanded into the city and 2019 saw several high profile jobs including a prestigious government building in London. It was almost inevitable that we would open up our Southern branch and this duly happened in 2020, to much fanfare – as our second major offices in the UK were unveiled near Watford Junction.

You can read coverage on our blog of some of our London based projects here.

We’re renowned for our efficient methods and unrivalled customer service, while the high standards of our work are always maintained – on each and every one of our jobs. With numerous of our high quality, qualified lift engineers based in London we are able to be flexible and responsive to your needs as they arise, as well as guaranteeing professionalism on the job. Sheridan Lifts always make sure to leave clients feeling happy and impressed, working to enhance our reputation as the leading provider of passenger lifts in London.

the shard london

Our dedicated team of expert engineers have installed and repaired lifts in some of the most iconic buildings in London across a range of sectors including education, healthcare and government and we’re extremely proud of our portfolio.The quality of our work speaks for itself and it’s not hard to see why we’re widely regarded as the best company the UK has to offer. Through our extensive range of passenger lifts, dumbwaiters and platform lifts, London is ingrained with the Sheridan Lifts blueprint.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re after lift installation or lift maintenance in London, because we’ve got you covered. We have extensive experience installing brand-new lifts of all kinds, while we should also be your number one call if you need a routine check-up or some expert advice.

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Sheridan Lifts are here to help – and it’s up to you to pick up that phone!

Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about why we’re the best lift company in London, and we’ll be delighted to talk through your lift requirements.