Our Lift Company in Sheffield

If you’ve been searching high and low for the best lift maintenance Sheffield has to offer, then you’ll be delighted to know that you’re finally in the right place.

Sheridan Lifts have been offering a variety of lift maintenance services throughout Sheffield for nearly four decades, developing an impressive portfolio of completed jobs and an incredibly loyal client base along the way.

You can read coverage on our blog of a couple of our Sheffield based projects here.

Now considered the leading lift company in Sheffield, we are renowned for our excellent customer service and efficient lift installation techniques. You’ve probably seen our vans and engineers around…


We have always been a reliable, dependable lift company that goes above and beyond for jobs of all sizes. We’ve become famous for our high-quality work and competitive prices, as Sheridan Lifts enhances its reputation as the best provider of lift products and lift maintenance Sheffield has to offer.

Throughout our four decades in the lift industry, our wealth of experience ensures that all of our lift products are of the highest standard possible. From passenger lifts and dumbwaiters to platform lifts; Sheffield is jam-packed with all of our most famous products. By offering unrivalled lift installation services throughout Sheffield and the surrounding areas, there’s little wonder as to why our products have always proven so popular.


You can find our lifts in iconic buildings such as Hannah Court on Matilda Street, where we provided the lift to accommodate students staying in the six-storey living quarters; or at the Sheffield Northern General Hospital, where we provided a platform lift designed to transport goods between three floors within the hospital. The quality of our work is available for all to see.

Sheridan Lifts have always been the best lift company covering Sheffield, and we’ve become the go-to lift providers for some of the biggest buildings in the city.

We are also famous for bringing a variety of industry-leading services throughout the area, becoming renowned for providing the best lift maintenance Sheffield has to offer. With a dedicated team of expert engineers, we’ve yet to find a job that’s too big for Sheridan Lifts, as we continue to install, repair and replace Sheffield lifts in an efficient manner.

Contact the team at Sheridan Lifts today to learn more about the best lift company Sheffield has to offer, and we’ll be happy to talk through your requirements.