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Even with the most comprehensive maintenance programme all lifts eventually require modernisation or replacement. Delaying modernisation too long will result in the same detrimental effects that would result from ignoring the maintenance requirements.

Many people do not recognise the symptoms of a declining lift early enough to avoid a crisis. Lift problems such as downtime and slow operation are obvious while others such as high energy usage and electrical noise generation are not.

Symptoms of Imminent Lift Failure

Long wait times and slow performance may be caused by a defective part, or problems may be caused by the age and overall condition of the lift. Lift interiors can also become worn and in need of aesthetic improvement.

Buildings containing computer equipment [such as PC’s, laptops, photocopiers] sensitive to power fluctuations or any form of alternating current can interfere with the equipment, or cause damage. This is common with older lifts, and is caused by the way the lift drive system utilises power.

“Obsolete lift components can often be replaced with the modern equivalent”

Not all common issues are as obvious as slow response times or frequent breakdowns. Lifts contribute towards a high proportion of the energy used within a building, and without a meter to monitor energy used few people realise exactly how much energy lifts use – especially in high traffic environments.

The most common symptoms of a lift in need of a major overhaul is an increase in service calls. As components wear with age they require adjustments, often interfering with the operation of the lift, or rendering it unusable until tended to.

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 How Sheridan Lifts can help:

Sheridan Lifts offer a comprehensive range of modernisation and refurbishment packages for all makes and types of lifts. Our engineers can perform detailed surveys of your lifts.

Older lifts often do not require complete replacement, instead we offer modernisation packages whereby obsolete components are replaced with their modern equivalent – we can also provide new, attractive looking lift interiors.




Typical work carried out includes: