Steel Lift Structures

Sheridan Lifts design structural steel frames for our new lifts, the benefits in terms of financial savings can be substantial, this being the fact there is no requirement for a masonry lift shaft, even in an existing buildings.

“Our structures can be used indoors or outdoors to satisfy all environments.”

Self Bearing Structure

Self-bearing metal structure for lifts is made from bent sheet metal standards. The structure is assembled and fixes using high strength bolts, thus avoiding the need for hot work permits so clearly negates the management associates when welding during normal installations.

The entire metal structure is painted with rust-proofing paint. Buffering on all side sides using sandwiched glass approved for use in lifts.

Our new lift design team will manufacture the lifts to fit perfectly with the structure.

If you require a lift complete with a structure, please contact our new lifts section for more details.