Choosing the Right Lift Repair Provider for Your Business

Are you unsure how to choose the right lift repair provider for your business? There can be lots of factors to consider, which makes for an overwhelming process. We’ve tried to simplify that process by putting together the ultimate guide that tells you the essentials for choosing a lift provider that’s the perfect fit for you. 

Having a reliable repair provider on call gives you peace of mind that no matter the problem, they’ll be there to fix it.

At Sheridan Lifts, our lift repair service puts you in safe hands. With highly experienced engineers, we work closely with customers to ensure the issue gets resolved as efficiently and quickly as possible. 

LOLER-certified technician inspecting a lift

Why You Should Have a Lift Repair Provider

There are many benefits to lift repairs and reasons why you should invest in using a provider. A safe, long-lasting and reliable lift keeps your building running smoothly, so it’s important to ensure that it doesn’t hinder any movement within the building. A moving lift keeps the daily flow going, and repairs restore a lift’s capabilities as quickly as possible.

Agreeing on a contract with a general maintenance and lift repair provider can get you the best value for money as they will provide a level of ongoing scheduled servicing with repair services included. Using a lift maintenance company can prevent the need for larger repairs, catching your lift at crucial moments before it deteriorates completely.

In addition, having a repair provider to always be on hand can ensure your lift remains in line with Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) to avoid any penalties or legal consequences. 

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Lift Repair Provider

If your lift suffers any damage or breakdowns, this can be extremely inconvenient and even dangerous – it’s reassuring to know that you have a trustworthy repair team who’ll respond as quickly as possible. An efficient lift is a vital part of running an efficient building, especially one with multiple floors, so finding a repair provider that can solve the issue fast is important. 

Carefully choosing your lift repair providers is crucial for gauging which provider suits your business best, so you can get your lift back in top shape and running smoothly. When working on such an important and expensive piece of building equipment you will no doubt want to be sure that the repair is performed by a competent professional. 

Finding a repair service that makes your life easier as a business is something you should prioritise. You’ll need to feel confident in both their expertise and response time. Thorough research can reassure you that you’ve selected the best option and that the provider you’ve opted for has the highest quality service for your business.

What to Consider When You Choose Lift Repair Providers

There are plenty of factors to keep in mind when choosing the right lift repair provider for your business.We’ve put together a list of the most important aspects to consider when choosing your repair service to help make the process even easier for you. Let’s take a look! 

What Are the Types of Repair Service Provided?

Researching the types of repairs conducted by the provider can help determine whether they’re right for your business. Whether they offer emergency services or a 24 hour emergency line may be important for you, especially if you own a passenger lift or your business requires lifts to run efficiently. 

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we offer a 24 hour emergency line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!. just simply contact us for a chat. 

What Is Their Response Time?

Having an awareness of the provider’s response time can tell you whether their services correlate with how urgently you’ll require repairs. If you know that you’ll definitely need a fast responding team, then this should be a top priority when making your choice. 

Sheridan Lifts offer a guaranteed 1-hour callout in the case of entrapment, so your passengers and users can feel secure and safe when using your lift. We also offer guaranteed 4-hour callouts in the case of breakdown without entrapment, ensuring a quick return to normal service.

Are They Local to Your Business?

It can be a good idea to pick a lift repair provider close to your location so that you can take comfort in the fact that help is close by. A repair service local to your business means that response time will most likely be faster, as well as their team being familiar with the area they’re working in.

We have a variety of areas in the UK that our services cover, meaning our lift engineer experts can be with you quickly, whenever your lift needs urgent attention.

What’s Included in the Repair Contract?

Your lift maintenance contract might accommodate emergency repairs, however this could be a separate add-on. Preventative maintenance and maintenance visits may additionally be offered by your provider. If this is included in your contract then repairs are far less likely to occur due to the regular servicing of the lift by the lift service provider. 

Knowing that your contract includes efficient, guaranteed repair is such an important factor in making the most of the benefits of lift repairs. Understanding your lift repair contract should play a part in your final decision, and these contracts will often include:

– Routine maintenance

– Corrective maintenance

– Call-out charges

– Parts and materials

– Exclusions and limitations

– Service level agreement 

Which Sectors Does the Provider Repair Lifts In?

Knowing whether your potential lift repair provider has done repairs in your business sector before can be a big deciding factor. Performing repairs within a range of sectors can demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and adaptability on their part. Sheridan Lifts has performed repairs in a wide range of sectors, working closely with a multitude of clients to perform swift and efficient repairs. These range from hospitals to shopping centres within our 40 years of experience.

Choosing the Right Lift Repair Provider for Your Business

What Do Sheridan Lifts Offer as a Repair Provider

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we offer repair for all types of passenger and service lifts, using expert engineers to provide the very best service. Your lift is in capable, safe hands when choosing us for your business. 

If your repair isn’t a minor quick-fix, we’ll give you an accurate timeline and arrange any further visits from our team with your business. Feel free to take a look at our case studies that accurately demonstrate both our experience and competence as a provider. 

You can contact us with any further enquiries you have regarding our repair services. Or perhaps our blog would benefit you, discussing all things lifts and offering guidance for all your lift issues.


Lift repairs can range from a minor issue to a much bigger, time-consuming repair, so it essentially depends on the scale of damage. A minor repair can take a few hours, but major repairs could take a few days or potentially a several weeks.

There can be quite a few signs to look out for to tell if your lift needs a repair, ranging from strange noises to the most obvious – it keeps breaking down. If your lift is old it’s more likely to need a repair, and even a long wait time can be an indicator that a repair is on the cards.

A lift breakdown can happen as a result of any of these following causes:

  • Your lift lacks regular lift maintenance.
  • Passengers aren’t using the lift’s doors properly.
  • The weight limit is being exceeded.
  • The lift is being overused.
  • The lift was improperly installed.