Five Benefits of Timely Lift Repairs

Lift repairs are excellent at solving a wide range of lift problems, especially when you have a lift out of service. However, did you know that when you book a lift repair also matters?

If you neglect a lift without checking it for months to years, the more likely it is to be expensive to repair in the long run because it will probably have a myriad of issues that could have been prevented and fixed sooner. 

This means that timely lift repairs are very important when it comes to your duty as a lift owner. No matter if you are the landlord, building manager, or other important decision maker – if your building has a lift, you need to be aware of the benefits of timely lift repairs. 

In this blog, we will cover five benefits of conducting lift repairs in a prompt manner – so, let’s get to it. 

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Five Benefits of Timely Lift Repairs

1. Your Lifts Will be Safer

If you own a business with a lift, no matter the type of lift you have, timely lift repairs can make your lifts safer for passengers and goods that are transported in them. 

By scheduling regular lift maintenance or servicing, any potential hazards can be identified immediately, allowing you to solve and fix these straight away. This ensures that your lifts remain safe and suitable for use which is especially crucial for a passenger lift. 

Passenger lifts, as their name suggests, take people from one floor to another. As a lift owner, you have a responsibility to prioritise their health and safety, including the functionality of your passenger lifts. 

With timely lift repairs, you can avoid accidents and injuries to passengers that you could potentially be financially liable for. 

Did you know that almost 10,000 people go to A&E every year due to lift accidents? Common lift accidents are preventable through regular lift maintenance. 

2. Improved Operational Efficiency

Regardless of whether it is a commercial, industrial, or residential building, lifts play a significant role in the operational efficiency of the premises. An emergency lift repair can hinder operations greatly compared to shorter, simpler, and scheduled maintenance checks.

This means that through timely lift repairs, you can expect a boost in operational efficiency, as well as give a better impression of your business for your employees, clients, and visitors. 

Improve lift performance and reliability

Routine maintenance can ensure that the lift is performing reliably, capable of transporting people and/or materials from one floor to another without hassle. With better lift performance, you can expect operations to run smoothly and effectively, increasing overall productivity. 

Minimal downtime and fewer service disruptions

By making sure that your lifts are working properly, this results in reduced service disruptions which can be inconvenient for both employees and customers or visitors. Time management can be a critical factor in the success of your business, which is why knowing when to schedule lift maintenance is key. 

In the healthcare industry particularly, lifts have an integral role in healthcare service. Hospitals and other medical facilities utilise lifts to move patients, medical equipment, tools, and more. If a lift breaks down, it becomes potentially life-threatening for patients, medical staff, and visitors alike. 

There’s a difference between lift installations and lift repairs and lift maintenance. Don’t get confused between the terms when researching lifts!

3. Avoid Hefty Repair Costs

If your lift is starting to show signs that it needs a lift maintenance, but you leave it be, then you might find yourself with a hefty repair bill when your lift finally breaks down. Elevator repairs are costly in general, but even more so when the condition of the lift has deteriorated to a great extent. 

Reduce any expensive emergency repairs

An emergency lift repair is not only bothersome, it is also expensive! However, emergency repairs can be prevented by identifying any issues and fixing them as soon as possible. While it still might cost a bit to solve a problem, it will most likely be cheaper than having to repair it later on when the problem has worsened. 

Prolong the lifespan of your lift components

Repair costs are not the only aspect of a lift repair that can hinder you – if you neglect a lift long enough, you might find yourself with a lift that might simply have to be replaced instead of repaired. 

A lift in very poor condition will likely incur additional expenses when it comes to its maintenance and repairs compared to a lift in excellent condition. On the one hand, taking preventative measures ensures that your lifts avoid deteriorating at a rapid pace. 

Instead, your lifts life can be extended! By conducting periodic maintenance checks, the lifespan of your lift and its components can be prolonged, saving you money in the long term.

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4. Compliance with Regulations

Lifts in UK buildings are subject to a set of regulations and requirements that lift companies and building managers need to follow. Lift maintenance can assist with making sure that lifts are compliant with the current safety codes and standards that are in place.

In particular, it is a legal requirement that passenger lifts must be examined at least every six months. Meanwhile, service lifts should be inspected every 12 months.

Certain regulations that have to be followed are:

Regular lift maintenance guarantees that your lifts, no matter the type of lift, adhere to these regulations and standards, making them fit for purpose according to the latest lift requirements. 

Avoidance of penalties and legal consequences

Through thorough testing from a competent person, lift issues can be identified and therefore addressed with ease when you have regular inspections, allowing the necessary repairs to be made at once. 

In turn, this means that you can avoid penalties and/or legal consequences that are a result of failure to comply with lift regulations and standards. 

Aside from legal repercussions, keep in mind that these regulations are in place to protect others – failure to comply with them could possibly also lead to serious injuries and even death. 

Lift regulations can be complex, but Sheridan Lifts has managed to condense the important parts in our ultimate lift regulations guide. Read our guide on lift regulations here.

5. Investment Now Means Bigger Long-Term Cost Savings

Believe it or not, lift maintenance is an investment. By investing in routine lift maintenance and servicing, you can expect long term savings! 

Spotting issues and booking repairs quickly means that your lifts will be suitable for future upgrades or replacements that may lower the overall cost. This is due to the fact that your lift is already in a good condition, so it might not require extra repairs or replacement of parts that it would need in order to be upgraded. 

This means that if you’re considering lift modernisation solutions to improve your lifts, it might be worthwhile to ensure that your lifts are of good quality already in order to reduce upgrade costs. 

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Five Benefits of Timely Lift Repairs

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Importance of engaging qualified technicians

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Benefits of scheduled maintenance contracts

At Sheridan Lifts, we offer excellent lift maintenance contracts for regular maintenance, servicing and repairs of all types of lifts.

Our scheduled maintenance contracts offer an array of benefits for landlords and building managers. These include:

  • Reduced risk of accidents, malfunctions, and breakdowns
  • Saves money in the long run
  • Ensures lifts are compliant with lift requirements 
  • Better building/business reputation
  • Offers peace of mind/alleviates stress related to lift management 
  • Minimises disruptions and downtime

As you can see, lift maintenance contracts can be extremely useful.

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There are a number of benefits that accompany timely lift repairs, from increasing the lifespan of your lifts to minimising the risk of lift accidents. You can reap these yourself with Sheridan Lift’s lift maintenance contracts that are designed to spot issues and resolve them instantly. 

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