Dylan Sheridan and the Andy Mans Club

These days, there is an awful lot of focus on the importance of looking after your mental health.

This has never been more prevalent than right now in the midst of this global pandemic, when many of us find our movement restricted due to lockdown measures and government guidelines around social distancing. Situations like these can severely affect your mental well-being.

It is in the middle of such a unique turns of events where people have had time to take stock of their lives and perhaps realise the importance of mental as well as physical health.

Here at Sheridan Lifts, it goes without saying that we want all of our staff to feel happy, engaged and inspired by their jobs. But we understand that many people will require more than just kind words and deeds. This why charities and organisations like Andy Mans Club exist – to help people open up about their lives and to ultimately support them along their journey.

Dylan Sheridan is one of our apprentice engineers here at Sheridan Lifts, and also happens to be an aspiring and talented young boxer. He has this to say about the charity:

“Andy Mans Club are a charity that aim at getting men to open up about their mental health problems. Sometimes those problems can manifest in an obvious way, but other times they can lie underneath the surface and creep up when you least expect them to.

dylan sheridan

“I was personally inspired by a local man named Andy McLean who struggled with his own mental health issues and because of this charity he was able to overcome them. It’s amazing to see him now in a much better place, feeling a lot more more mentally stable and happy.

“As I have seen the effect this charity can have on someone I know, I wanted to do my best to support them. I know there will be people out there who need support right now and in the weeks and months ahead.

dylan sheridan

Concerns over mental health are not going to go away overnight, and the best method of tackling them is to talk to someone, to attempt to work through and deal with them rather than bottling up your emotions and letting them fester”

So if you know anyone that might benefit from a little help right now, you can point them in the direction of Andy Mans Club. It might be the kindest thing you ever did.