Dylan Sheridan to appear at Yokkao 49-50 Muay Thai

Dylan Sheridan is taking the next step in his boxing journey.

In March 2020, right before lockdown, we told you about Dylan’s trip to Thailand where he learnt more about the art of Muay Thai boxing. Then a trainee engineer, Dylan now works on our projects team and has been honing his skills in the ring as well as here in the office!

On 31 July this year Dylan will be taking part in Yokkao, a coming together of the world’s best Muay Thai fighters, and he can’t wait to get going. I sat down with Dylan who shed a bit more light on the show.  

dylan sheridan yokkao

So Dylan, tell us a little bit about Yokkao and how it works?

My next fight in the Muay Thai game is on Yokkao 49-50 on July 31st 2021. Yokkao is the biggest independent show in the world for Muay Thai and it’s not every day you get a young kid from Manchester with the opportunity to knock someone out on it too! I will be fighting a tough lad who is undefeated like myself and also won by TKO in his last fight like myself. Since we have both never been to points I can guarantee a toe to toe war and a war I will come out victorious in, flying the Manchester flag high. I will do my absolute best and will leave it all in the ring come fight night.

Where will it be held?

Yokkao will be held at the Macron Stadium in Bolton.

Tell us about your involvement? What happens if you win your fight etc?

I will be on the undercard of this fight and this is a major step on my journey as a fighter and hopefully one I will look back as a champion one day positively. I don’t know my next step, that is for my promoter Pete and my team at Kearsley Muay Thai to decide. I just have complete Tunnel Vision on July 31st but whatever it is ill make sure I’m ready! However, bringing a Muay Thai show to Manchester is 100% on my bucket list.

dylan sheridan in yokkao

Tell us a little about how this type of fighting differs to things like boxing?

Muay Thai is a brutal sport! Muay Thai consists of elbows, knees, kicks, punches and clinch. The whole style, rhythm and flow of Muay Thai is different to boxing hence why a lot of people were against me fighting in both sports simultaneously because not many people can do it but my aim is to be a 2 sport champion and this is something I am ready to dedicate my whole life towards.

What channel will it be broadcast on?

As far as I am aware Yokkao is broadcasted in other countries across channels but in England you have to be quick to get a ticket which you can get through myself if you contact me directly on any of my social media platforms. Instagram – dylanshezza

dylan sheridan yokkao muay thai

What is the link for buying tickets?

There is no link. Contact me directly via my social media i.e Instagram @dylanshezza and I will make a note of the names ready to get my next batch of tickets this week.

I sold out of tickets within 40 mins of announcing my fight so be quick to get the tickets and come watch me put Manchester on the map.

This fight I will proudly be representing Kearsley Muay Thai, Sheridan Lifts, Notorious Fight Gear and every young person from Manchester chasing their dream!

dylan sheridan

Just a quick shoutout and thank you to all my supporters, my sponsor, my trainer, my family and my girlfriend …without you I am nothing.

Best of luck to Dylan from everyone at Sheridan Lifts!