Enhancing Lift Safety

Lifts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and travel at different rates of speed.  They are among the safest available forms of transportation; however, there are important guidelines passengers should follow to assist in ensuring lift safety.  Knowing how to properly ride a lift is highly essential.  It is also important to be aware of what to do if the lift stalls while you are aboard.  To maximize lift safety and for additional information, please follow the tips below:

Lift Safety Tips

Before entering the lift:

• Know where you are going
• In an emergency situation like a fire that could disrupt the electrical supply, forego the lift and take the stairs
• Push the call button with the arrow pointing in the direction you are going
• Listen and look out for the signal announcing the arrival of the lift
• Stay clear of the opening lift doors and step aside for exiting passengers
• If the lift is at its capacity, wait on the next one
• Do not try to squeeze into a full lift or stop closing doors, the next one will be available soon

When entering the lift:

• Allow all exiting passengers to leave before boarding
• The lift car might not be totally level with the floor, so watch your step
• Firmly hold on to children and pets
• Stay clear of the closing doors and ensure your clothes and other objects are also clear of the doors
• Push the DOOR OPEN and hold it if necessary or you could ask someone to do it for you
• Once you are on board, press your floor button quickly and head to the back of the lift to clear space for other passengers

While riding the lift:

• If available, hold on to the handrail
• If available, stand beside the wall of the lift
• When provided, pay close attention to announcements and floor indications
• When the lift stops, if the doors remain closed, push and hold the DOOR OPEN button

When exiting a lift:

• When it reaches the floor, the passengers nearest to the doors should exit first
• Immediately exit the lift when it is your turn.  Others behind you should wait their turn
• When exiting, do not push the individuals ahead of you
• Remember to watch your step as there could be unevenness on the floor

In case of a lift emergency:

• Do not panic if the lift stops between floors. A lot of air is in the lift
• If the lift is stalled, do not climb out of it
• If the power fails, emergency lighting will be turned on
• Use the intercom, the telephone or the HELP or ALARM button for assistance
• Most importantly, wait for the arrival of help from qualified professionals.  Never attempt to exit a stalled lift

These are just some of the lift safety guidelines that can help you to have a safer ride between floors.