In the absence of a lift…

Recently, a friend of Sheridan Lifts, Helen Jones has ventured across the pond to New York, and as part of her trip she booked to go to do one of the best tourist attractions in the city, a trip to the summit of the Statue of Liberty.

Taking the ferry across from Manhattan, the city views were pretty impressive albeit in -10 temperatures where a hat and gloves were most definitely needed. Visitors to the Statue of Liberty haven’t been able to go up into the torch for a good few years, so the crown is now the summit. But unsurprisingly, there’s no lift to enable speed of arrival.

helen and pals

Helen (left) and her pals in Manhattan

She told us that “the ascent to the top was via an extremely narrow central staircase that winds right up to the crown, I was absolutely terrified and it brought out my inner fear of heights in a big way!”

“At various points there are windows which only exacerbate just how high you are, and despite the weather outside it got hotter and hotter the higher I got”

“I was holding onto the rails and my hands were shaking and my whole body was trembling!”

Last year we reported on a trip to the summit of the Burj Khalifa, which offers a polar opposite experience where you arrive at the summit via a super speedy lift, and there is literally no pain for the gain. Not like the Statue of Liberty at all!

 statue of liberty close up

“I was shattered when we got to the top and my legs were aching like mad”

“It was great to say I’d done it and the views were fantastic but I was also genuinely terrified”

Despite this, Helen survived the experience and is now back in the UK with these great pictures to back up the experience, bravo!

So, if you have a building where there’s a need for a lift, why not give us a call?

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statue of liberty from the bottom