Sheridan Lifts drop off food parcel for Rochdale foodbank

As part of our ongoing community commitment, Sheridan Lifts have today dropped off a 35kg package of food and essential supplies to the Rochdale Foodbank.

Sheridan Lifts work closely with Rochdale Council and One Manchester, servicing domestic lifts as part of our contract agreement. We like to go above and beyond that relationship and help the same community that we serve by contributing wherever and whenever we can.

Here is a couple of shots of our Key Contracts Account Manager Lewis Gordon dropping off the bags today. It was a lovely sunny day in Rochdale for it, too.

lewis gordon

The foodbank provide an amazing service of helping to feed underprivileged people in Rochdale. They have over 100 volunteers are open 5 days a week from 11-1pm. Here are some quite startling figures for you.

In the month of February, a total of 492,530 kg of food and essential goods came into the foodbank.

Of this figure, 280.5kg was purchased by the foodbank following donations from the general public. By the end of the month, 614, 875kg had been given out. Which as you will ascertain, is more than came in.

In total, 776 people in Rochdale were fed for 3 days in the month. This included 525 adults and 251 children.

The volunteers are the life blood of the foodbank but they rely on the generosity of the public.

sheridan lifts drop off food parcel

So, this is also a rallying call for anyone who can help, by any means either financial, through food donations or by becoming a volunteer to please help. You can visit the website of the food bank here:

Best regards from everyone at Sheridan Lifts, we will continue to support them – if you could bear them in mind too, then we’d be ever so grateful.

Interested in hearing more? Follow them on Twitter @TrusselTrust