The Benefits of Bespoke

For a lot of businesses standard lift systems are simply unsuitable for installation. Most of the problems arise with the size of standard lift systems not aligning to the measurements of the current building.

The best option in this situation is a bespoke lift design. Bespoke lifts are custom fitted to the customer’s exact requirements, meaning no matter what the lift is needed for; where the lift needs to be installed; or if you have any special requirements for your lift system, every need can be fulfilled.


If you require a lift system in an environment that is demanding or challenging, a bespoke lift design could be essential. When standard models aren’t installable then dedicated teams of engineers can advise on the best system that would be suitable for your location.


Bespoke lift systems can automate effectively for the amount of use you will require. Some lift systems are in operation more often than others, so knowing the frequency and amount of passengers on a daily basis can change the system that will be right for you. Knowing the exact use the system will be under allows designers to create a durable lift that will pass the test of time.

 Time and Money

A generic lift design is made to suit a wide range of customers, so will tend to have compromises. Bespoke systems work how you want them to work. They can operate repetitively, quickly and without errors, saving your company time and money by increasing productivity.

User friendly

Fully customisable designs allow for a complete product that is simple to use for your employees and customers. Intuitive and user friendly controls can be adapted to any position, for example, disabled user controls.

Installation times

As bespoke designs are custom designed to your current building, so installation times are greatly reduced. Labour costs are also much cheaper than installing a standard lift system.

Lift Maintenance

Bespoke designs are easily serviced and if they are regularly inspected by a lift maintenance company, they will operate for a long time without any faults.