Hanging On For Dear Life







This is not exactly what you planned when you organised a family skiing holiday as all you were thinking about was hitting the slopes and warming up with a nice hot chocolate after a long, exhausting day pelting down the Alpine hills at a rate of knots. Being stuck on a chair lift for hours must be one of the most terrifying encounters one would ever have to endure, as the weather is freezing and your hands will go numb ...

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A Fashion Disaster








Have you heard about the events which occurred during New York Fashion Week? It was mildly amusing to onlookers yet those who suffered the indignity of being openly mocked whilst they waited to be rescued when the freight elevator broke down, might not have found it so funny. Some of Fashion Week’s potential disasters normally come in the form of broken heels, identikit outfits and rubbing shoulders with rivals; but nothing could have prepared a lift full of high-profile editors ...

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All by myself

“All by myself,

Don’t wanna be,

All by myself,


We all know lifts are one of the most awkward experiences that we all have to go through, but how much more awkward would you feel if all of sudden music started playing? We don’t mean ordinary, everyday music either; we’re on about playing a song that sums up your current experience in the lift. This is exactly what The QT Sydney hotel did and this most definitely takes lift ...

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Where have the lights gone?

Did anyone manage to catch Channel 4’s the ‘Blackout’ documentary last night? It was tense and epic! The documentary outlined what would happen if we were to witness a full blackout, with zero electricity and un-purified water. The ‘what if’ drama documentary was focused around the blackout that happened in London during the Second World War

The Blackout was cleverly directed and put together several scenarios indicating how we Britons would react during a blackout; a little irrational, but desperate time ...

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Surf’s Up!





We have all heard of surfing the net in fact; most of us use computers on a daily basis for both work and leisure purposes, but have you ever heard of elevator surfing? No? Well, let us enlighten you. More commonly known as ‘elevaroping’ or ‘vator surfing’; this silly craze has taken the world by storm and you will see many horror stories on the news of daredevils who have ...

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Tackling Tricky Predicaments Head-On

We have all felt the tension bubbling for weeks now, and are on tenterhooks waiting to find out what is going to happen as it is all a little up in the air at the moment. Some people dread the football season coming around once again, whilst others revel in the fact that their weekends will be filled with goals galore; even if their team suffer a pasting at the hands of more proficient players. It is incredibly exciting for ...

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Straight as a Die







People are strange creatures. They do not realise how odd their behaviour is sometimes. Or maybe they do; and simply do not care. You get those who will do their very best to avoid any sort of physical contact when stationed close to unknown individuals, or just tend to have their music on as loud as possible in order to drown out the sounds around them. On the flipside of this; you also tend to get some folk who try ...

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That’s Entertainment!






At the Orchard Hotel in Singapore they have gone the extra mile to make sure that passengers are entertained when they are travelling to and from different floors so they have installed fourteen multimedia EAVIS elevator displays in their seven spacious lifts. The hotel itself is large and opulent and has to look and feel modern and contemporary. Saying that, most five-star guesthouses in Singapore have some pretty impressive technology and use up to the minute methods to furnish individuals ...

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Ready for Take-Off






If you are fortunate to have the leeway to go off on your hols after all of the schools start the new term, then count yourself lucky! There are so many advantages and benefits to venturing abroad out of season; such as the fact it is cheaper, quieter and much less stressful. You do not particularly want to be disturbed when you are away so you turn off your phone as soon as you arrive at the hotel and leave ...

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Going Underground







Waterloo Station is quite unique in the fact that it has an actual working elevator so those with mobility issues have access to and from the tube. It is not only people in wheelchairs who need a helping hand, as mothers with buggies and travellers carrying heavy suitcases find escalators extremely hard to navigate. If you are bogged down by a number of bags or have to rely on a guide dog to make sure that you are safe then ...

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