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Case Study: An electrical lift refurbishment by Sheridan Lifts

We are commencing our second week of work on a 12-story building for one of our clients. This week we are continuing to carry out a full MRL electrical refurbishment (no motor room) after some severe historic water damage to the existing equipment was causing ongoing issues for the tenants of this residential block.

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Oxford House, Liverpool

Work is now complete on the first lift of a compehensive, double lift lift modernisation at Oxford House in Liverpool. These works include new entrances created and existing entrances formed. This is a full turn-key package with our industry partners, International Lift Equipment and for the major builders works, PRNS Building Services Ltd. The left-hand lift (whilst looking into the Lift shaft from the landings) serves the even floors of the building whilst the right-hand lift serves the odd floors. Once fully complete, one of the refurbished lifts is a firefighter lift, which in turn will meet the requirements of EN81-72.

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