Trusted lift repair

It may not be something we think about often, but lifts are a vital part of our social infrastructure. A huge amount of people depend on working passenger lifts for their freedom. If you aren’t so able bodied or are heading into your twilight years, access to a working lift is essential for their mobility.

The way people live these days, it’s not always possible for people with limited mobility or then elderly, aren’t able to reside in mobility friendly homes ...

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Higher, taller, faster, stronger

The world is full of records; fastest this, largest that, tallest, fattest, smallest, heaviest, most efficient – we could go on.

Passenger lifts are no exception! As a lift company, we’re always reading about the world’s fastest and tallest lifts and it looks like there’s going to be a new title holder.

passenger lifts

Currently, the Khalifa Tower in Dubai is the tallest building in the world. It has become quite the attraction since it ...

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Brick by brick

As a lift company we’re used to seeing a variety of passenger lifts – in all designs – however, we think we’ve stumbled across a first for us: a brick lift!

Carles Enrich is a Spanish architect and has recently built a 20 metre high passenger lift next to a Catalonian cliffside to enable a connected between the old and new parts of the town. The modernised, more urban part of the town is divided from the old town by the ...

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A lift company that does it all

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we’re proud to be able to say that we are a lift company that genuinely does it all. Not only do we offer quality lift installations, we also have lift modernisation and refurbishment, lift maintenance and lift repair as part of our services.

No matter which of these particular services we carry out, we always do so to an impeccably high standard. When you choose Sheridan Lifts as your lift company, you can rest assured that you’re ...

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The future of lift technology is here

The future of lift technology is here, and it’s moving from side to side! We have previously blogged about the power of magnets, and how lift technology was set to be revolutionised by magnetic methods that allow lifts to move from side to side. When we blogged about that particular subject it was a long way to becoming a reality, however, next week, the lift company behind it will be unveiling to the public their magnetic lift technology for ...

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3 reasons to install a glass lift

Glass lifts are becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to see why. They can be a stunning addition to your building combining functionality and style. If you’re not sold on glass lifts let us give you three reasons you should install a glass lift in your building.

glass lifts

  • glass lifts are a work of art in themselves

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, glass lifts are absolutely beautiful. By ...

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Why you need platform lifts

If platform lifts are something you’ve never considered then we are here to tell you why you should. Not only are platform lifts extremely beneficial to businesses and their buildings, sometimes, they are a necessity.

Platform lifts offer easy mobility solutions to any and all visitors as well as members of staff, to access all areas of the building. If you have personnel that require the use of a wheelchair, then often, platform lifts are the only option to ensure your ...

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5 reasons to think about lift maintenance

When it comes to lifts, many building managers will think give a lot of thought to the initial lift installation and then forget about their lift until a problem arises. Then they are forced to think about lift repairs. However, there is a vital step in the middle that gets forgotten about; lift maintenance.

lift maintenance

It’s a common misconception that lifts break down frequently and there’s nothing that can be done about it. ...

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There’s a change a’coming

We’re sure everyone feels awkward when you have to wait for a lift to come. You push the button and wait for the ride to arrive but in the meantime, a crowd of people have gathered to wait with you. Do you make small talk? Do you just stand there in silence?

It may not seem like a massive inconvenience, waiting for a lift, but Research out of Columbia University showed that office workers in New York spent a cumulative 16.6 ...

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Tonight on BBC1 – DIY SOS Veteran Special

As you may or may not be aware, Sheridan lifts were selected as the one lift company to be a part of the most recent saga for the BBC series, “DIY SOS” Veteran Special in Manchester. As our contribution, we donated a platform lift for one of the houses.

The show has turned a rundown street into a small, appealing community for its existing residents and now housed ex-army veterans. A community hub has been provided for our soldiers discharged for ...

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