Customer Testimonials


Published on: 10-09-2015

As a lift company, we understand the importance of keeping your customers happy and that’s why we go to great lengths to ensure we do. There’s no point providing great passenger lifts, commercial lifts and every other kind of lift if you don’t also provide a great service; one that your customers love. So, for this blog we thought we’d share some of our beloved customer testimonials with you all…

Eastland Homes

Sheridan Lifts have been servicing and repairing domestic lifting equipment and passenger lifts for Eastlands Homes since October 2011.

The delivery of the service has been excellent and their performance is meeting our KPI`s each month. They have worked closely with us to tailor the service and repair reports to our satisfaction.

We are completely satisfied with Sheridan`s performance, their professionalism and the feedback from customers has been very good on the performance of their engineers.”

Customer Testimonials

NPE Maintenance Limited

Can I just take this opportunity to compliment Chris Chadwick for all his help on this project, it has proven challenging at times.

I want you to know how impressed NPE is with Chris and his professional manner from the start of meeting Chris he has made myself and the MD feel at ease and is very reassuring, nothing is too much trouble he has thoroughly explained everything from start to finish and kept in constant communication.

I am sure you are more than aware of what an Assets you have in (Chris) and I didn’t want his efforts to go unrecognised and not sure if you offer a bonus scheme etc., but if the praise can be passed on this would be highly appreciated.

Any lift works NPE win will come straight to Sheridan.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris and for you to know how much we appreciate his hard work.”

Customer Testimonials 2

PIN Property Consultancy

I write as a reference having dealt with Nick and the Sheridan Lifts team for 6 years, during which time, they have provided our property business with excellent service for the supply, installation and maintenance of a lifts in a number of the multi-let office building within our portfolio.

We have not had any issues on the site throughout the 6 years where they have been involved.

Sheridan’s have assisted and developed projects with us from design stage right up to the final stages and still service their installations amongst other lifts already on our portfolio to date.

I can confidently recommend Sheridan Lifts Ltd as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

We’re extremely proud to have such a loyal customer base and proud that we manage to keep our clients happy. That’s what every lift company should do!