Dumbwaiter Lifts


Published on: 10-02-2016

Dumbwaiter lifts are an important part of many commercial buildings but are especially needed in places such as hotels and restaurants. Dumbwaiter lifts are essential to the smooth operation of hotels and restaurants and can save valuable time and increase efficiency.

In restaurants, the kitchen and the dining area are often on different floors, especially in restaurants in city centres where a lot of space isn’t always available. By having dumbwaiter lifts connecting the different floors, it allows the kitchen and the waiting staff to trade food and plates in an effective manner.

Similarly, hotels use dumbwaiters for the same kind of thing; restaurants in the hotels use the system but also housekeeping use dumbwaiter lifts to transport laundry and other supplies.

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we are specialists in designing and installing dumbwaiter lifts for a variety of locations. To keep your business as operational as possible and to keep any disruption to a minimum, our dumbwaiter lifts can be fully installed, tested and commissioned in just two days.

Our dumbwaiter lifts have the following features:

  • Indicator display
  • Call & Send Buttons with as standard
  • Stainless steel doors and car enclosures as standard
  • Maintenance for the first 12 months included
  • Safety devices all comply with the machine directive
  • Interlock door safety devices on all doors including machine room
  • Travel 1 to 6 stops
  • 240 standard supply voltage or 3 phase

Contact Sheridan Lifts to find out more about our dumbwaiter lifts.

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