Sheridan Lifts in Schindler Lifts out


Published on: 30-09-2016

                                Sheridan Lifts in Schindler Lifts out

glass doors

Sheridan Lifts supply and install new lifts across the UK

But we could not get an installation any nearer to our offices in Manchester.

Tyco International is part of the ADT Group and Just a stone’s throw from our offices.

Sheridan’s won the tender to remove a Schindler 2 car group and replace with a modern energy efficient lifts from Sheridan’s That are fully compliant with bream regulations.

The building was fully occupied whilst the old equipment was being removed and the new lifts installed.

Our new lift installation engineers are fully trained with the particularly challenging environments when the buildings are fully occupied.

For example drilling and fixing in the shafts.

The lift car interior chosen by the client was the new futuristic type. A new concept with a wide range of styles and colours.

The new interiors differ greatly from the typical stainless steel Type panels. The colour arrangement can be the clients corporate colours with Logos incorporated in LCD screens or etched in the panels.

Some design & Build companies don’t provide the end user the options as described above.

Sheridan’s will provide the all our clients with as many options and designs to get the perfect finish.

The client chose the finishes from our new range for 2016.

If you are considering a new | lift installation | or indeed require more information on our | lift services | please contact us.

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