The Most Popular Passenger Lifts in the World

residential-lift4It is interesting to know that lifts have been in use, in Rome since 336 B.C. This was apparently built by the talented Archimedes. The very first lifts were open cars instead of closed ones and were operated manually, by either people, animals or water wheels. These lifts were only used to moved heavy items such as water, building materials or other generally heavy ...

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The Different Types of Lifts

Lifts have become standard features in almost all high-rise buildings across the world because they offer a convenient and effective way of transporting people and goods within such buildings. As such, elevators generally vary in terms of size and design depending on their intended purpose. The different types of lifts include:

passenger-lifts-unique-3Passenger Lifts

Modern passenger lifts can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. As ...

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Different Implementations of Different Lifts

There are different types of buildings in South Wales where lifts are needed. These places require professional lift services South Wales.

Residential Buildings

Residential building developers have to incorporate lift in the building if the building is higher than 2-3 floors. Special small lift is needed in home as well. This type of lift is needed due to a family member’s old age, infirmity, disability or injury. The special lift improves accessibility and comfort of the affected person. There are a wide ...

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The Installation, Repair, and Maintenance of Lifts

liftWhen you want to ensure excellent services for your customers, clients and flat owners, you have to install the best quality lifts in your building. There are different types of standard lifts, stair lifts, wheelchair platform lifts and escalators that can be installed depending on the requirement.

There are manufacturing companies that sell lifts of their own brands. They also provide construction, ...

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Sheridan | lift services | offer diverse types of maintenance arrangements.

Sheridan | lift services | offer diverse types of maintenance arrangements.


food-pictureOne type of maintenance schedule in particular that Sheridan lifts provide is the lift service to the food processing plants in the northwest.

Cleanliness is paramount to lift machinery as well as the types of lubricants specifically for food factory as set out in the HSE food hygiene guide lines

At Sheridan’s our ...

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| New Lift installations | Manchester hospital




Sheridan Lifts to install new lifts for North Manchester General Hospital

Great news, we have been appointed to supply and install new bed lifts for the new development at the North Manchester General hospital.

As a Manchester based company we are more than delighted.

Specifically designed for hospitals, the new lifts are part of the new development by carefoot construction. As reported in the Manchester Evening ...

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| lift services | double win

Tender wins for Sheridan Lifts & Sheridan Doors UK

Sheridan’s have won their individual tenders for Clippers Quay House in Salford.

Sheridan Lift services will be removing the old lifts and supplying and installing two new lift installations.

Sheridan Doors UK will be supplying new automatic glass doors to the front entrances

New fire doors will be fitted to the external exits of the building.

The lift & door companies operationally run separately. However, when are provided with a tender/specifications that requires lifts and ...

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What’s Your Final Destination?

Sheridan Lifts Limited are proud to announce the installation of 4 brand new state of the art lift installations in central London.

The lifts installed includes some of the most advance technology on the market commonly known as destination control. This feature minimises the buildings lift energy consumption and maximise vertical traffic flow speeds and productivity in the premises.

To explain; the lifts operating controls which you would usually operate as a passenger from inside ...

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Sheridan Lifts in Schindler Lifts out

                                Sheridan Lifts in Schindler Lifts out

glass doors

Sheridan Lifts supply and install new lifts across the UK

But we could not get an installation any nearer to our offices in Manchester.

Tyco International is part of the ADT Group and Just a stone’s throw from our offices.

Sheridan’s won the tender to remove a Schindler 2 car group and replace with a modern energy efficient lifts from Sheridan’s That are ...

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Lift Service

new-pictureWhilst on his routine lift service, our lift engineer took this picture from inside a lift car. It is a typical goods/passenger lift.

It is operated by a lift attendant. The type of lift is typical of a 1930s New York film set. Continue Reading →

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