Young trainees – Lift Company


Published on: 30-06-2015

Sheridan Lifts is always looking for new blood; people who are passionate about lifts to come and join our lift company and the younger the better! So we’re especially thrilled with the latest addition to the Sheridan Lifts family. Take a look at our newest recruit (they’re a little on the inexperienced side but we’ll whip them into shape!).

Lift Company

By now you’ll have realised that this is not in fact a new lift engineer, but our very own Chris Chadwick’s new arrival. The entire service department wanted to get him a gift and as Chris heads up that department we thought it would be fitting to kit out his daughter in her very own Sheridan Lifts uniform!

We are a family-run lift company who have already been installing lifts for over 30 years so who knows, in another 30 years, this wee one may be at the helm of Sheridan Lifts! It’s important to teach kids skills as early as possible, albeit it this one is a little too young at the minute, and we’ve found the younger our trainees are the quicker they learn and pick up information. We want only the best here at Sheridan Lifts! We’re proud to have a new member of the Sheridan Lifts family – who knows what the future has in store for her?