Apparently elevators as we know them are set to be revolutionised with the aid of magnets. The new technology has been developed by ThyssenKrupp and is entitled Multi. Multi is believed to be what is needed to transform the way we move around buildings. The new technology will allow lifts to move sideways as well as up and down. We’ve come a long way from cables and hoists!

Magnetic levitation is used to pull elevator cabins horizontally as well as vertically quickly and smoothly and each cabin would have his own multi-level brake system to propel itself forward. A magnetised coil running along the shaft makes it so the lift appears to levitate. A little bit like Willy Wonka’s glass elevator! It is thought this new technology would take up less space, use less energy and also reduce waiting time for passengers. It will be tested in Germany in 2016.

We love how the world of elevators is constantly evolving and new technologies are being born, who knows, maybe if this new technology takes off, in a few years the only lift installation jobs we complete might be for these new Multi lifts! Who knows what the future of commercial lifts entails?

We might have to study some new lift installation techniques!

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