15 Days Until Christmas

Sleigh bells ring are you listening, in the lane our engineers are glistening, a beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, walking in a Sheridan Wonderland

We’re all getting into the Christmas spirit down at the Sheridan Lifts headquarters! Secret Santa’s are underway (slightly nervous about what I might be unwrapping), Christmas party is just a few days away and our team are singing away to their favourite Christmas songs…they think I can’t hear them, but I can! Although it will be Christmas in just 2 weeks, our lift engineers will be working round the clock, just like Santa’s elves will be during this time of year.

As with all our emergency call outs, our lift engineers will be on stand-by during the festive period. Don’t worry, we’re not being a Scrooge here, so there’s no need for you to be shouting out “bah humbug” now! We sat down with our engineers and organised a fair rota for them and of course it had their final approval. There would be nothing worse than being stuck in a lift and no one coming to your rescue. There’s nothing Scrooge about us, so the three ghosts of Christmas can turn right back around to another lift company!

Lift modernisation is all about updating the parts and components of a lift, but imagine if it involved re-designing it? There would be a lot of fun involved if we could re-design the lift to make it look like Santa’s grotto! We could dress our lift engineers up I suppose in elf outfits, but not sure how they’d feel about wearing tights!

You can put your worries to one side if you have any lifts that you are concerned about or if there is an emergency, Sheridan Lifts will dash over in their sleigh, spreading the Christmas spirit…as we all know, Santa’s sleigh is run on Christmas joy! You can call us on the same number which is 0161 203 6299.