2013 Is The Time for Lift Maintenance

Sheridan Lifts would like to firstly wish you a happy and prosperous new year for 2013! We’re already excited to see what this year has in store for us, and if it’s anything like 2012, then we sure have something to look forward to. A new year means a new start for us all, this includes ensuring that any lifts in your building have been inspected and that any services have been carried out in order to ensure the safety of the passengers including yourself. Although it is the responsibility for the owner of the building to inform us when the lift is down, damaged or doesn’t run smoothly, but we also keep track of when your lift was last serviced, so we can let you know when it’s next due for a check-up. Just a like a Dentist would for your teeth!

Sheridan Lifts provide three different types lift maintenance packages to suit you. Here are the main points:

  1. Standard
  • Lift inspection
  • Minor adjustments/ replacements for faulty bulbs
  • Oil and lubrication of moving parts
  • Risk assessments
  • On-site service reports
  • 3 hour emergency breakdown call out service
  1. Immediate
  • All of the standard services included
  • On-site service reports and a copy sent our via post or email
  • Call out bundles
  • 1 hour guaranteed out of hours call out
  1. Comprehensive
  • All of the standard services included
  • 2 man inspection
  • Detailed reports including observations and recommendations
  • All call-outs inclusive
  • 2 hour call outs during working hours and 1 hour call outs during out of office hours
  • Energy saving reports
  • All works and parts included for 12 months

All of our packages are up to the health and safety legislation standards and we’ll send round a fully qualified lift engineer no matter which package you are on. For more information on what our lift maintenance packages include, please give our team at Sheridan Lifts a call on 0161 203 6299.