Considering a new lift or lift refurbishment?

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By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 10-05-2014

Managing Director of Sheridan Lifts

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Sometimes opting for a completely new lift installation can be more economical than undergoing a lift modernisation or lift refurbishment, however both of these solutions have their own benefits.

If the lift in your office building is looking tired and dated, one of the options available to you is to have the lift upgraded. A lift refurbishment can allow for a quick and effective solution, minimising any impact to your business or your property, especially if your lift refurbishment is solely focused on the lift car.

A lift refurbishment can also allow you to transfer a tired lift in to something a little more stylish and modern looking. This proves popular amongst those undergoing office renovations. As the lift is already fitted no amount of time needs to be spent searching for a brand new lift to meet your specifications.

A lift refurbishment can however become quite pricy if you start to consider some of the other add-ons. If you were to include the control equipment and landing pushes as part of the lift refurbishment, then you may find opting for a brand lift more reasonable.

The amount of money put into a lift refurbishment can in some cases outweigh the cost of purchasing a new lift by up to 20%. You also have to remember that once you have spent a considerable amount on the lift refurbishment, you will have still have 50% of the old original installation in use.

For those unsure of what option is best, we here at Sheridan Lifts provide a full audit of your lift so you can independently consider the best options for you and your building. For example, to remove a complete lift and supply and install a new lift installation on a typical 3 floor existing building is 3 weeks. The time spent modernising a lift, removing doors, re-fitting cars and control panels can be similar in time scale.

So, if you are considering a brand new lift installation or fancy opting for a lift refurbishment, make that you contact us here at Sheridan Lifts. We will provide you with options that in the long or short term give you the best value for money.