Get to Know the Different Types of Platform Lifts

For a durable and accessible transport option, many industries, public locations and residential properties turn to platform lifts to provide safe access to all. Platform lifts are the perfect option to enable wheelchair users and others with mobility issues free and safe movement between different floor levels of low rise buildings.

Modern platform lifts are stylishly designed and provide numerous benefits in terms of versatility, comfort and most of all, safety. They are the perfect options for buildings where installing an elevator or ramp is not feasible.

There are many different types of Platform lifts on the market, let’s take an extensive look at the options available:

Inclined Platform Lifts

In building with space constraints, these lifts can be easily installed on both straight and curved stairway configurations. They can help wheelchair bound individuals to access all types of residential spaces, churches, schools etc. Innovative models are available to ensure maximum comfort for wheelchair users.

Vertical Platform Lifts

For the safe access in a vertical direction, vertical platform lifts are key. They can move individuals up and down between floors, where a full elevator system would be too costly.

Their innovative technology and flexible designs ensure a smooth and easy ride indoors and outdoors in a number of different residences and public spaces. They can provide enhanced access to office tower lobbies, patio to porches, driveways to doors, and backyards to decks, as well as many other applications that were once thought inaccessible to some.

From luxurious indoor settings to the rugged outdoors, these platform lifts provide a comfortable and safe transportation for any individual with mobility issues.

Portable Lifts

Being able to operate without electric power gives these lifts huge potential in areas where power is limited or non-existent. They are simple and easy to use and can provide wheelchair users safe access to outdoor areas, elevated platforms and stages through manual power.

Portable platform lifts can perform consistently without batteries and are virtually maintenance free because of it.