High Speed Lift Installations

Take a look at the fastest lift in the world.

Next time you get in a lift; have you ever thought on how fast you are traveling?

A new lift has been designed that will reach a speed of 45mph or travel 95 floors in 43 seconds.

One time there were only a few lift manufactures who would have been able to design these types of lifts. As an Independent company Sheridan Lifts have the freedom and power to source the markets and provide all types of lifts for individual buildings.

Design and build sectors should contact Sheridan’s when considering installing new lifts. Price is only one part of the equation when ordering a lift. Speed, maximum passenger capacity is critical at design stage. Clearly putting a high speed lift in a low use building is very expensive and can be avoided.

Lifts installed in buildings without a traffic analysis should also be avoided.

Failure to carry out the calculations will lead to the lift operating over and above the manufactures recommendations, for example the maximum starts per hour.

This will shorten the lifts life cycle and increase lift breakdowns.

If you are installing new lifts or modernising a lift in an existing building, contact our sales support dept for expert advice.