Why is Lift Modernisation Important?

There is a common misconception that once a lift becomes a certain number of years old it needs replacing completely, when in actual fact this is incredibly unnecessary. After all, the age of a lift does not dictate how well it operates and performs. Lift modernisation on the other hand could be a great substitute in order to ensure that it continues to work efficiency for many more years. Here is everything you need to know about lift modernisation and its importance…

What is it?

Modernising a lift involves replacing parts of an old elevator with modern equivalents so that the lift is up to date without the added cost of completely removing and replacing the existing model. In fact, sometimes lift modernisation will also include new features being added into the lift that were not on the market when the lift was first installed into the building. The result of lift modernisation creates a safer lift that can comply with safety legislations whilst also improving many aspects if the entire piece of machinery.


  • A lift that has been modernised has had brand-new and fully functioning components installed in order to replace aspects that had perhaps seen better days which means that the entire elevator could potentially see an improvement in performance. This is particularly likely if key components like the drive unit or control have been replaced as a smoother ride and intelligent control system is always going to be noticeable.
  • Sometimes lift modernisation does not always concern the technical interior of the elevator and work can be completed inside the cab itself. For example, aesthetic aspects can be altered in order to improve the function of the lift. This can range from a replacement of lighting fixtures to the addition of mirrors inside the cab.
  • When the old components inside an elevator have been replaced with brand new counter parts it is less likely that an elevator is going to break down anytime soon. After all, old parts are often the cause of many maintenance related issues with older elevators in the first place.

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we want to ensure that every single elevator owner gets the most of their model. After all, an elevator is an investment for the future and with the correct care it is not uncommon for a passenger lift to last for around 30 years!

In order to keep the original modelling running for this length of time however maintenance is required on a regular basis, with lift modernisation being recommended to keep an older lift in tip top condition.  To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company around today!