Lift Modernisation, the easiest way to give your lift a make-over it deserves.

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By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 04-12-2012

Managing Director of Sheridan Lifts

Lift Modernisation, the easiest way to give your lift a make-over it deserves


At some point in our lives, we all have some form of make-over done to us, whether it’s simply colouring your hair to hide the greys or going to the extreme and having some form of plastic surgery done. We’ve all seen celebrities have it done to make themselves look younger and we probably all agree, to put it nicely, “how out of this world” they look! Every couple of years, the average mobile user will upgrade their phone, for a faster network with the latest technology. Well, lifts work in a similar way.

After a certain amount of years, lifts will begin to slow down. This is nothing to do with them being faulty, they just need an upgrade, exactly the same as your mobile network. We’re not replacing the lift itself, just the actual components. This can be a very minor part to a major job, but this will depend on the lift and the age of it.

Lift modernisation is as we mentioned, replacing certain parts such as:

  • The call buttons
  • The door operating mechanism
  • Replacing the current motor with a quicker one – to get your from the ground floor to your office floor much faster, as we all know how eager you all are to get to work!

The Japanese company, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation are currently installing the world’s fastest lift that will travel 3,281ft in one minute! This futuristic technology will be installed in the world’s newest skyscrapers. You never know, we might be installing something similar in our lifts!

  • Fit in with the current Health and Safety regulations

These are just a few areas that lift modernisation covers. Our main aim is to help make your lift run more smoothly and a lot better.

Our team of lift modernisation specialists will give you a full proposal report on what work will need to be done and go through with you in person explaining why. We will offer you a competitive price and payment plan with NO tied down contract! Once this has been done, our professional lift engineers will then come down to visit the site and begin modernising your lift! They will test run it, test all the buttons, doors, etc… to ensure that it’s safe and complies with today’s health and safety standards.

Give our team at Sheridan’s a call today on 0161 203 6299 for more information.