Lift Modernisation your way to the future

Lift Modernisation your way to the future

All lifts will eventually need modernising, even the spanking brand new ones. At Sheridan Lifts, we also invest our money back into the company for resourcing and ensuring that our lift engineers have the top of the range equipment for both repairing and replacing specific components.

It is important that you have your lift modernised to avoid any future technical problems that may occur. Some of the symptoms are easily recognisable such as, slow operation, but there are some that are less obvious such as electrical noise generation and high energy use. Our lift engineers will illustrate suitable solutions to appropriately upgrade your lift and replace any existing parts required. It all bottles down to ensuring the lift is safe and secure for passengers to travel in, as with any lift service, this is our main priority.

Lift modernisation has the same principle as if with modernising any product such as a car, kitchen appliances or a mobile phone, you want to make sure that it is working smoothly. We will organise a suitable day and time to send out our lift engineers to assess the lift in order to make the relevant changes or appropriate upgrades.

Did you know?

A building that contains computer equipment such as PC’s, laptops and photocopiers, are all sensitive to power fluctuation .Any form of alternating the current can interfere with the equipment and ultimately cause some damage. 

Don’t let this fact panic you, as we are aware most buildings today with have computer equipment! This mainly affects the older lifts that will require modernising.

Sheridan Lifts will offer you a comprehensive range of lift modernisation and refurbishment packages for all lift types.

Please remember though, that having an old lift doesn’t necessarily mean it will need replacing. We’re not here to take as much money from you as possible and undertake irrelevant work. Our engineers will carry out essential work if they feel the passengers are at risk.