Lift Services

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By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 01-02-2014

Managing Director of Sheridan Lifts


Lift Services with dedicated service schedules reduce the risk of entrapments.

All lifts should have a quality lift service schedules if you are to reduce the risk of being trapped in them. As well as good housekeeping and health & safety requirements, it provides peace of mind to the user. You would not drive your car until the red lights are on warning you to get your car serviced. Sheridan Lifts will provide you with a quality lift service. Once the lift has been serviced you will receive a Lift service report on the condition of the lift installation.

Based on the report, Sheridan’s will advise on any items that require attention. Normally if the lift has been serviced on a regular routine programme, the lift will be problem free. Having quality Lift services schedules in place makes good sense from a financial point. Some clients take the view that if the lift is running everything is fine, it’s only when the lift breaks down that costs are then considered.

Component failure can be expensive due to lack of maintenance. It can also in the long term result in the lift can being very problematic. Ultimately this can lead to passenger being trapped in lifts.

As part of our lift services in the unlikely event of being trapped in a lift, we have a dedicated phone lift installed proving 24 hour emergency cover.

Our engineers will attend a lift entrapment within 20 Minutes. It the lift is undercover by Sheridan Lifts there is no call out charge on our gold star maintenance schedules.

So prevention is the best option for life cycle of your lift. Contact Sheridan lifts for a the correct advise on the service schedules for your lift. No one lift is the same due the size, speed, environment and the number of floors they serve.