Modernising An Existing Lift: Part 2

Modernisation is an important aspect in making older-model lifts compliant with modern day regulations. Lift technology is advancing all the time, with some of these advancements being necessary to public safety as well as making sure lifts are energy efficient and economically efficient.

It is easy to spot when a lift is outdated; they look worn out and dilapidated, they don’t operate smoothly and sometimes they can be quite dangerous to those that use them. With advancements in modernisation techniques being developed all the time, there are a huge array of different modernisations available for lifts that are becoming outdated:

  • Ascending Car Overspeed Protection Drive

Accidental over-speeding can be a common occurrence in older models of lifts. Installing an ascending car overspeed protection device will protect any ascending car from overspeeding, which could cause injury. Accidental overspeeding can cause the car to make contact with the top of the lift well. The device controls speed parameters when the lift is accelerating, eliminating the chance of this happening.

  • Car door mechanical lock and door safety edge

Some older model lifts have door systems that can be forcibly opened by passengers. By installing a car door mechanical lock to these older models, lift doors are much safer. To prevent injury from passengers being struck by doors when closing, a door safety edge can be installed. These safety edges automatically initiate re-opening if a passenger is in the entryway when the door is attempting to close.

Lifts that were installed before 1984 may not be at a technical level high enough to have these systems installed, but they are important aspects of passenger safety that your lifts responsible person should be well aware of.

As well as installing modern upgrades, always ensure your lift maintenance is adhered too at regular intervals throughout the year.