Sheridan Lifts beats personal best for another year running

Sheridan Lifts Ltd has served the lift construction industry for over 30 years and has since been enjoying a year on year wealth of success, not just in Manchester, but throughout the UK.

The recession has hit us all hard, but we’ve haven’t used this recession as an excuse to tighten our budgets or dampen our true Sheridan spirit. 2012, has by far been our best year yet. We’ve hit a turnover that has smashed all of our previous years, our staff numbers have more than doubled enabling us to have lift engineers throughout the country and our contracts are rapidly increasing on a day to day basis. How have we done this? We listen to and understand our customer’s needs. With a turnover increase of more than 300% from last year, we have taken the decision to re-invest back into the company. We’ve invested in resources including market leading technology, engineering equipment, state of the art lift materials and most importantly, ensuring that all of our customers receive the best agreement service package to suit them. This is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Contract, what contract? The last thing we want is to have our customers tied into something long-term. In fact, contract is a word that is rarely used within our company. Being a family run business means that we have loyalty to one another and want our customers to feel relaxed and comfortable. The exact feeling you expect to have during a lift journey! So what do we do differently? We cut through the red tape, cut out the jargon and offer a flexible payment plan that can spread throughout the year. Oh and almost forgetting, we don’t offer those rolling and unwanted contracts with a cancellation fee aka the small print! Many of our clients have been with us for over 15 years on our agreement plans, whether it’s for engineering,  lift installation, lift modernisation or general lift management.