Sheridan Lifts Ltd – Lift Services

How many television programmes can you name that involve or feature an elevator, we’ll get the ball rolling then! The Incredible Games back in 1994 and Take Me Out with Bolton’s funny man Paddy McGuiness on ITV, both programmes use lifts in a creative format, your imagination can take you places; for some it’s the Isle of Fernando’s! I do like a bit of Paddy on a Saturday night, I don’t however like getting in the elevator on a Friday afternoon when I finish work… I’ve seen the movies I know how these things turn out. I loved watching Die Hard and seeing Bruce Willis doing his thing in the lift shaft against those Russian terrorists, and the Tena ‘Oops’ advert, the main character of the ad is of course an office elevator.

Lifts and elevators can be as creative as you want them to be, with the Sheridan Lifts’ team at full service we try our level best (pun intended) to fit them to perfection. On another note, have you ever done that thing where you get in a lift, and your friend gets in another one then races it to a certain floor? I always used to get the dodgy ones, it’s understandable that not all lifts run at the same speed, sometimes you could catch the flight of stairs faster and in this case there’s only one thing to do it… report it and get Sheridan Lifts’ engineers to come out.

We operate fast and friendly lift services, whether it is maintenance, fitting, servicing or lift modernisation. Having been in business for over 30 years, we’ve established ourselves from Bury to Manchester and now operate nationwide, priding as a family run corporation, we believe in elevating your business.  Recognised as one of the internet’s leading lift services companies, we offer a 24 hour call out facility and promise to get to you within 4 hours or less.

Why not make Sheridan Lifts your business’ lift services superhero, and rest assured we’ll power through any problem you face. Contact us today on: 0161 203 6299.