Thinking Lift?

Need a lift ? Considering buying a new lift for a new build? Or modernising an existing lift?

It’s clear the growth in the economy is well underway. As the construction sector is on the up. Sheridan lifts new lift department growth is rocketing. With our new designs, shortest leads times why wouldn’t we. As our volumes have increased, so has our competiveness. Based on volumes, we have secured a frame work agreement with one of the world leading lift manufactures.

This also includes a fixed price and the very best lead times. Our clients will also have the benefit of an extended warranty above that standard 12 month. Combine this with our superb maintenance schedules, we believe can provide our clients with the complete packages.

Our lifts are being installed UK wide from the design & build sector, that include Hotels, High rise office buildings, and elderly care homes.

The industrial lifts we install are German built. Heavy goods lifts need to built and installed that reflects the environment they will operate. Our design team are very experienced in this field.

If you require as part of your design & build the following: step lifts, dumbwaiters, and disabled platform lifts, Sheridan’s have the products. Again, we choose the right product for the correct application.

If you require a lift modernisation or minor upgrade, our team will provide the answers for the best cost affective option.

If you need a lift for your project contact us via email or please telephones our offices for a chat with our team.