We all have our own fears that we privately cope with but what happens when you are made to live out your trepidation in public? For many, the thought of being trapped in a lift is all but too much to handle but for some, it was and could be a reality.

We’ve all heard of the infamous 1999 lift malfunction that left New Yorker Nicholas White, trapped in a lift for 41 hours. After taking a ciggeratte break, Nicholas stepped into one of the building’s express lifts back up to his office but somewhere between the thirty ninth floor and the next 41 hours, the lift came to jerking halt and he was trapped. Nor his cries for help through the intercom or sounding the emergency alarm came to his rescue.

Over the pond in London, seven stockbrokers found themselves stuck for three hours in a Park Pavillion lift. Stephen Fry also recently found himself stuck in a lift, luckily for him though, his ‘trapped in a lift’ experience only lasted 30 minutes. It was reported to be an electrical fault that bought the lift cart to a standstill.

According to Lift Maintenance regulations the owners or managers of lift operationg properties have a duty to ensure safety from the risks associated with lifts. Many, unfortunetly though do not keep up to date with regular Lift Maintenance and this is where Sheridan Lifts can help.

‘We can maintain all lift installations in efficient working order and in good repair, arrange lift maintenance and specified safety checks by trained competent persons; and respond to all reports of lift repairs to lift installations in line with our standard lift repairs timescales’.

We offer three types of maintenance contracts as well as offering tailor made contracts to suit your specific needs.

If you wish to know more about the three maintance contracts, this information can be found under the Lift Maintenance heading in our services tab.

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