Two winners in the annual Sheridan Lifts customer raffle

As part of our ongoing lift maintenance contracts with key councils and housing associations in the United Kingdom, Sheridan Lifts run a selection of prize draws for residents, some of them monthly and some of them annual.

We have an ongoing commitment to help our communities and this is one little way we can give something back to these deserving people.

Lockdown has been hugely challenging for everyone, but for those with limited mobility who already face daily challenges, you could say it has been even harder. This latest prize draw we have conducted is for one of our local housing associations in Greater Manchester and we presented two winners with their £50 supermarket gift vouchers.

Our first winners were Mr and Mrs Machin. Here is Mrs Machin holding her voucher and looking very happy to have been drawn out. She was delighted to give us photo permission and celebrate her success online.

mrs machin

Our second winner was equally delighted but chose to not have their details or image published – and we respect that!

Congratulations to both sets of winners, we hope this was a nice little surprise and we are sure these will be well utilised in the coming days and weeks ahead.

Whilst these may be small tokens, we believe they go a long way and isn;t it lovely to see people smiling again after such a difficult time these past 16 months or so?

If you are interested in some of the work we carry out in the communities we serve, you may be interested to see some of our previous articles here where you can read about the great work of our engineers and office staff which include collecting shopping for people during lockdown, charitable donations and other acts of consideration which make us the company we are!

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